Rakuten Kobo Announce New EReader ♥ Kobo Elipsa – Holy Shit.

Rakuten Kobo Announce New EReader ♥ Kobo Elipsa – Holy Shit.

Rakuten Kobo Announce NEW eReader – Introducting Kobo Elipsa

Happy Friday Bookworms !

Have you heard yesterday’s announcement from Kobo?

I was sitting there minding my own business. Working on a review for The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes & watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer ♥. Overall just chilling, keeping the demons at bay yanno. Then I checked my email & sweet lady unicorn, we are getting a new ereader from Kobo!

Kobo Elipsa

Kobo Elipsa email promo image
Promo Image of Kobo Elipsa from email.

Insert swooning here.

I am in love. It’s no secret I love ebooks and e-readers. What I don’t want to be a secret is that I have only ever owned a Kobo. I can’t compare it to any other brand. When it comes to e-readers, I have been using a Kobo for over a decade now. Currently, a Libra H20, a gift from my mother & father a few years ago.

One of my biggest issues with the various versions of Kobos I have owned has been the highlighting feature. It sucks & I hate it. I get so frustrated attempting to highlight when I am reading. Over the years, on occasion, I’ve thrown an e-reader. Or two.

No worries, they are in sleep cases.

I don’t know what sort of problems are going to arise with a stylus, but damn I’m excited to find out. For the record, my BIGGEST issue with Kobo e-readers is no colour. I like to read comics and I just can not do it on an e-reader. It’s no fun, at all. Instead, I have a different device for my comics. Which is a pain, a pain that could be solved with colour.

About Kobo Elipsa NEW from Rakuten June 2021

But back to the enchanting Elipsa.

According to the Kobo website, we will be able to “mark up” our books, but there seems to be some limitations to that ability. This is from the official Kobo webpage:

“The Kobo Stylus makes reading and marking up nonfiction reads, essays, or assignments a breeze. Use it to underline, circle, or highlight. When an idea sparks, write it down in the margins. Make every eBook and PDF* your own and easily save, organize, and find all your annotations.”

*PDFs with digital rights management or permission limitations are not compatible with markups or annotations.

I’m excited to check this feature out. Or rather, the limitations it has when reading fiction. Here’s a bit more about the Stylus from the Kobo website.

“The Kobo Stylus lets you write directly on the page, just like a pen on paper. Kobo Elipsa reacts to how much pressure you apply to adjust your writing stroke. Easily erase or highlight with helpful buttons.”

I’m telling you, I can not wait to be able to highlight easier. Elipsa has a second new fun feature in the form of Notebooks. It seems we will be able to write with the Stylus, convert it to text and export our notes. For about five seconds I wished I was school-aged again.

I legit took a typewriting class in high school, on a typewriter.

This beast has one other feature that I believe is new – Dark Mode, white writing & black page. She also has a bigger screen but doesn’t seem to have any buttons. I don’t know how I feel about that. My Kobo Aura didn’t have buttons – & I kinda like the buttons man.

If you would like to know more about the Kobo Libra H20 let me know in the comments. She’s a fantastic little beast, but believe me, she has her faults. The Elipsa doesn’t come out until the end of June. Right now she is just for pre-order, so I’m left on the highlighting struggle bus for a while yet.

Pre-Order and find out More about Rakuten Kobo Newest eReader Elipsa

To find out more about the Kobo Elipsa you can visit the official webpage HERE.

Sorcery of Thorns Review Margaret Rogerson best stand alone of 2021

Last up, my review for Sorcery of Thorns was posted a few days ago. I’m not joking when I say I loved this book.  It’s easily the best stand-alone I have read this year.  Sila is my new favourite demon and I would sell my soul to him in less than a heartbeat.  A hundred times over.

Seriously, I’m going to start an I LOVE Silas fan group

You can see my review HERE.

Happy Reading Everyone !



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