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Welcome back to another Thriller Thursday friends. Last week, I shared my love for Riley Sager; you can check that post out here. This week, we are talking Samantha Hayes. Over the years I have read five of her books. Were they all great? No. Were they a complete waste of time? No. Are they your average run-of-the-mill psychological thrillers? Yes. Are they easy to read? Yup. Predictable? Perhaps.

Once you have read, eh maybe four or five psychological thrillers – they are all the same. I mean, let’s face it, all that really changes, once you have read enough of them, is the setting, character names, and author name. Half the titles of psychological thrillers are basically the same. The synopsis’ too.

I said it, I will not take it back.

There are only so many colours in a rainbow – just like there are only so many ways to manipulate a story and plot when working within the constraints of a genre. It is what it is. So, of the five books I have read by Samantha Hayes, four of them are three stars. And yes, I still recommend them. Or rather, I recommend the author.

Tell Me A Secret by Samantha Hayes Synopsis Book Cover

Tell Me A Secret

Published May 2018  Bookouture Kindle Edition 360 pages

Tell Me A Secret - Samantha Hayes
Book Cover & Synopsis

Tell her all your secrets and she’ll tell you all her lies…

Everything in Lorna’s life runs like clockwork, from her 6 a.m. morning run to the strict 60-minute counselling sessions she gives. It’s the only way she can deal with the terrible secret she carries.

When a new client arrives for his first appointment, Lorna feels her perfect life unravel in a matter of seconds. It’s Andrew, the man she’s spent the last year desperately trying to forget. It seems he can’t forget her either…

Against her better judgement she anonymously contacts him on a dating site. Messaging him could mean the end of her marriage and her career, but she needs to know if his motives are genuine.

When Andrew is found dead in his home, grief quickly turns to fear when messages from him continue to arrive on Lorna’s phone. Somebody knows her secret and wants to use it to destroy everything she has.

Will she risk her family and her sanity to keep her secret? Will she risk her life…?

About Date Night by Samantha Hayes

Date Night

Published August 2019  Bookouture Kindle Edition 330 pages

Date Night by Samantha Hayes
Book Cover & Synopsis

Returning early from a disastrous date night with my husband, I know something is wrong the moment the wheels crunch the gravel drive of our home. Inside, the TV is on and a half-eaten meal waits on the table. My heart stops when I find our little girl is alone in the house and our babysitter, Sasha, is missing…

Days later, when I’m arrested for Sasha’s murder and torn away from my perfect little family, I’ll wish I had told someone about the threatening note I received that morning.

I’ll hate myself for not finding out who the gift hidden inside my husband’s wardrobe was for.

I’ll scream from the rooftops that I’m innocent – but no one will listen.

I will realise I was completely wrong about everything that happened that night…

But will you believe me?

The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes Synopsis and Book Cover

The Liar’s Wife

Published November 2018  Bookouture Kindle Edition 358 pages

The Liar's Wife by Samantha Hayes
Book Cover & Synopsis

When Ella wakes up in a hospital following a hit-and-run incident, she is scared and confused. Close to tears, her eyes fall on a get-well-soon card on the window sill and the nurse reassures her that her loving husband will be back soon…

But Ella has never been married.

In fact, she has lived alone her whole adult life; working hard, rarely socialising, quietly harbouring a terrible secret from her past.

Fear sweeps through Ella when she instantly recognises the man who enters the ward. He is not her husband, but she knows that she must do as he says and play the part of dutiful wife.

What choice does she have? He was there the night of the fire, he knows her secret too…

About Blood Ties by Samantha Hayes

Blood Ties

Published January 2007  Headline Kindle Edition 307 pages

Blood Ties by Samantha Hayes 
Book Cover & Synopsis

January 1992. A baby girl is left alone for a moment. Long enough for a mother to dash into a shop. Long enough for a child to be taken.

Thirteen years later, solicitor Robert Knight’s stepdaughter wins a place at a prestigious London school for the gifted. The only puzzle is his wife Erin’s reaction. Why is she so reluctant to let Ruby go? Doesn’t she want what’s best for her? As Erin grows more evasive, Robert can’t help but feel she has something to hide, and when he stumbles on mysterious letters, he discovers she has been lying to him. Somewhere in his wife’s past lies a secret; a shocking secret that threatens to destroy everything…

About The Happy Couple Psychological Thriller by Samantha Hayes

The Happy Couple

Published May 2020 Kindle Edition 351 pages

Samantha Hayes - The Happy Couple
Synopsis & Book Cover

Me and Will. Will and Me. A perfect match. He said he would always be there for me, but it’s been a year since he drained his coffee, walked out the front door and vanished.

Did he leave me? Or did something terrible happen? I’m scared someone finally found out about what happened on the drive home that night…

I lie awake at night trawling the internet for rental properties, desperate for an escape. Until I see my husband’s gorgeous face smiling back at me from a photograph on the fireplace in someone else’s home, and something inside of me snaps.

At the house, I find no trace of him and the woman who lives there has no idea who I am. But I’m certain she’s hiding something behind the locked door upstairs. I know that if I want answers, I have to stay.

You might think that what’s inside that room is the answer to all my questions and the end of all my pain. But it’s only the beginning… 

So that’s it for the books by Hayes that I have read. My favorite was The Liar’s Wife, with Blood Ties being a close second. Up next, the ones still on my tbr list. Hayes has become one of my go-to authors. I have a few of them, and I like to save them for slumps. In fact, they have their own little tbr list.

Samantha Hayes The Reunion About the Book

The Reunion

Published February 2018  Bookouture Kindle Edition 384 pages

The Reunion by Samantha Hayes
Cover & Synopsis

They were all there the day your sister went missing…Who is lying? Who is next?

Then–In charge of her little sister at the beach, Claire allowed Eleanor to walk to the shop alone to buy an ice cream. Placing a coin into her hand, Claire told her to be quick, knowing how much she wanted the freedom. Eleanor never came back.

Now–The time has finally come to sell the family farm and Claire is organising a reunion of her dearest friends, the same friends who were present the day her sister went missing.

When another girl disappears, long-buried secrets begin to surface. One of the group hides the darkest secret of them all…

Samantha Hayes Newest Release – About the book Single Mother

Single Mother

Published January 2021  Bookouture Kindle Edition 357 pages

Single Mother by Samantha Hayes 
Book Cover & Synopsis

I will do anything to protect my daughter. She’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I really have, but the moment I opened that letter and accepted the inheritance, I walked us right into a dangerous trap.

I know I should have got her to tell me who she’s been talking to on the phone late at night, and where she was the day I went to pick her up from school and couldn’t find her, but she’s not spoken a word since she found that little pile of bones buried in the garden.

And now she’s missing…

A jaw-dropping, addictive and totally twisty psychological thriller that will have you sleeping with the light on! Perfect for anyone who loved The Girl on the Train, Friend Request or The Wife Between Us. 

As of now, although Hayes does have other releases, these are the only two I am interested in. With one slight exception. Hayes has written a series as well. Right now it has three books – DI Lorraine Fisher Series. I don’t currently own the series, and I have multiple detective series on my plate at the moment. If ever I finish with them, the DI Lorraine Fisher series is on my list to read.

Have I mentioned I have multiple tbr lists?

Does anyone else take “unputdownable” & “jaw-dropping twist” as a challenge? I do. Particularly when covers have the “jaw-dropping twist” line – challenge accepted! Honestly, I can’t think of a novel that has dropped my jaw. I almost find it hilarious now when I see it on a book cover.

I think that’s it for today friends. Now tell me, Have you heard of Samantha Hayes before? Have you read any of her books? If you have, what did you think of it? Which one did you read?? & if you haven’t, do you see any that interest you?

Until next week book lovers ! Stay safe, Stay happy & Keep on reading.

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