Kingdom of the Cursed; Random Thoughts from The Kingdom of the Wicked Series Book Two

Kingdom of the Cursed Thoughts Book 2 Kingdom of the Wicked Series

Goodday Bookworms!

I just finished reading Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco & before I write up my review, I thought I could share the thoughts I had while reading. Here we go..

Kingdom of the Cursed
Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco
  1. What rules are we playing with here? If Emilia is going to be Queen of Hell, what’s with the theatrics of the Sin Corridor? Can’t Wrath just snap his fingers?
  2. There seems to be a lot more sexual thoughts out of Emilia. Was book one this sexy? Is it just being in Hell? The Sin Corridor?
  3. Liar, Liar, pants on fire. What was Nonna such a liar for? What was she not teaching the twins? & WHY?
  4. Excuse me, Emilia, deja-vu is very important, especially when it involves demon princes.
  5. Who exactly are you, Emilia? & your sister, for that matter?
  6. More Fauna! It’s about time Emilia learns the rules of court. Who goes to Hell & doesn’t ask more questions. Local laws and such.
  7. Wrath teaching Emilia to dance. AW.
  8. Why does one person have to have so many damn titles? Who the fuck is the Matron? Is there some kind of gene curse loop happening here?
  9. Did Emilia have these weird memory flashes in book one?
  10. Some actual getting to know each other; I like the bantering between Emilia and Wrath, but they never really discuss anything.
  11. I had to look up rake. Also, I forget way too much from book one.
  12. These Hell rules are weird. There’s something strange about the whole story of the Wicked brothers. Shit doesn’t add up.
  13. How many witches were killed in book one? Is Emilia a descendent of sorts? What’s happening here.
  14. Well, that’s some betrayal.

I had fun doing this, so you might see more of them. Especially if there is some sort of mystery to be solved. Also, I checked my notes from Kingdom of the Wicked – I’ve been suspish over Nonna from the beginning.. seriously, what’s her deal? Is SHE the First Witch?

Side note; I’ve seen this idea done with TV Shows and Movies, but not with books. So if there is a book blogger out there doing this already, credit to them !

Kingdom of the Wicked Series Book 3

I can’t find anything official about the release of book three. Unfortunately, it looks like Maniscalco’s webpage hasn’t been updated much during the last year or so. So when it does come out, I will have to re-read the first two books. Or like a skim re-read yanno? I spent far too much time confused reading Kingdom of the Cursed.

I wish books had better recaps of the previous book. I hate when they waste words in books recapping information and taking up valuable reading real estate, but an insert for those not reading books back to back would be beneficial in some instances.

My review for Kingdom of the Cursed is now posted; you can see it here & if you are looking for my review on Kingdom of the Wicked it can be found here.

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