A Chorus of Dragons & A Kingdom to be Feared

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Well, Hello & Welcome.

Epic Fantasy Book Series Suggestion

Another year is almost over; time keeps on ticking & I did not reach my yearly goal of reading fifty books. Not that it matters much, I’ve picked fifty as that magical number for years now. Sometimes I exceed it, sometimes I don’t, but it remains the same every year.

Do you set reading goals? I’m not even sure why I set one. I use GoodReads to track what books I’ve read over the years & the yearly challenge is a feature I use to keep me reading books, more so than actually reading a set amount of books. I suppose I could start putting it to twenty-five & pat myself on the back for reaching a goal. Maybe a pizza party too.

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A Chorus of Dragons Review Jenn Lyons

Since my last update, two new reviews have been posted. I am working my way through A Chorus of Dragons by Jenn Lyons. It is a five-book series, with the final installment in April of 2022, so I have decided to put the next two books off until the new year. I love the series, but after reading the first two back to back, I need a little something different in my life.

The Ruin of Kings The Name of All Things

Kingdom of the Wicked Book 3 title

Kingdom of the Feared Kerri Maniscalco

If you missed it, Kerri Maniscalco announced the final Kingdom of the Wicked book title, Kingdom of the Feared. No release date as of yet. However, both Wicked & Cursed were released in October, so logically one would assume Feared will follow suit.

I will be rereading books 1&2 before Kingdom of the Feared is released.

Kingdom of the Wicked Kingdom of the Cursed Review Synopsis Rating Purchase

Kingdom of the Wicked Kingdom of the Cursed

I suppose that is it for now. Happy Reading !

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