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Casey L Bond Books

Hello there, book fiends ! Today, we are talking about author Casey L. Bond. I first discovered Bond through my ( personal & no longer active ) Facebook account a couple of years ago. Bond immediately caught my attention with her stunning book covers. Deny it all you want; on some level, we all judge a book by its cover.

Last year I took the plunge and decided it was time to read one of these stunning books. Gravebriar ended up being one of my top books for 2021. It was amazing. I chose Gravebriar based on the tagline. I was immediately captivated. The characters, setting & plot were all fantastic.

Sometimes witches hunt their own…

Casey L Bond Books Gravebriar

Book Cover - Gravebriar

Someone knows my secret and they’re wielding it as the weapon of my execution. I stand accused of poisoning my Gravebriar coven mate. To my fatal regret, I can’t prove my innocence without revealing the truth I’ve long kept hidden: while every other Gravebriar witch are green witches and healers, my magic lies in poisons.

There is one witch who believes me – the same boy who was sent to kill me with instructions to pluck the briars that sprouted from my grave – the only cure for a Gravebriar witch. Forge Silverthorn will be my undoing… or my salvation.

He claims there is a malicious plot vining through the witch town of Cauldron that threatens to tighten around my throat in a deadly noose. Promising I can escape by seeking the help of a banished witch who hides our kind in plain sight, he leads me to a dark circus full of witches.

The ringmaster will only help us if we agree to join his circus of uncanny tricks and diabolical feats for two nights only, using our magic to thrill his patrons. In exchange for our participation under the big top, he’ll divulge the information I need to save my coven mate and clear my name.

But when dark secrets emerge from the shadows of this promised sanctuary, I’m forced to decide if I can truly trust anyone, especially Forge… my would-be executioner, my coven’s sworn enemy, and my could-be love.

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My review for Gravebriar can be found here.

Casey L Bond Books

I have been reading a lot of thicAF books lately – at the end of 2021 and into 2022, I was reading A Chorus of Dragons and recently started The Burning series. However, my brain needed a bit of a break from the epic. So I decided to dive into another Bond book, or books to be more specific—this time, I choose the duology The House of Eclipses.

Casey L Bond Books House of Eclipses Duology

Capture his heart. Steal his crown.

Casey L Bond - House of Eclipses Duology.  Book 1 House of Eclipses

Noor is the unwanted, unloved third born of the Aten, chosen vessel of the sun goddess, Sol. While she has no chance at inheriting her father’s title, what she truly longs for is peace from his unrelenting hatred. Hope builds that she may finally be able to claim that reprieve when a missive arrives from the House of the Moon.

The new Lumin, chosen of the moon god, Lumos, seeks to broker peace with the Kingdom of Helios for the first time in ages. He envisions open trade routes and an end to archaic rivalries. His dedication to this cause extends to visions of a union between the two families by marrying one of Aten’s daughters, if one of the matches is a fit.

Driven by his own twisted agenda, Noor’s father is willing to sacrifice his daughters as pawns to steal the crown for him to further his despotic reign, pitting sister against sister in a brutal battle for power. But Noor must come out the victor, either by capturing the Lumin’s heart or stealing his crown. For whomever wears the crown of moonlight, holds the power of the moon itself. With such strength at her command, she could finally defeat her tyrannical father.

Yet this endeavor cannot be accomplished without great sacrifice. As Noor learns more about Lumin Caelum, guilt over her betrayal consumes her, burning hot as the sun itself. If only he wasn’t kind, and selfless, and exactly what she wanted. If only she had greater dominion over her heart…

Can Noor carry out her plan and end her father’s vile reign? Or will unlikely alliances allow a new day to dawn?

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Casey L Bond Books House of Wolves

Hunt the shadow. Guard the flame.

Casey L Bond - House of Eclipses Duology.  Book 2 House of Wolves.

Noor is the new Aten of Helios, having wrenched the kingdom of the sun from her treacherous father’s hands. Citali stood with her sister against him, and rejoiced when he died at Noor’s hand… But he did not go quietly.

He poisoned the thoughts of their older sister, Zarina, who believes that Noor is not who she claims and was never supposed to be Aten. As Zarina flees the temple to determine her next step, she encounters, then attacks, Citali.

Beaten and left for dead, Citali’s cries are heard by the Wolven of Lumina. In a flurry of fur and fang, Beron rushes to her aid yet fears he arrived too late. With what would have been her dying breath, Citali whispers a secret that changes everything.

Pleading to Lumos – the god of the moon – for a way to save her, Beron is provided an answer that comes at a steep price. Citali will become Wolven. The two bonded together for a lifetime. Despite their tumultuous past, Beron helps hone her new strength and senses, a primal passion now surging through her veins. But can the two stop fighting one another and work together to hunt and destroy the darkness spreading over the sands like a plague of locusts? Or will the sands of time run out for them both?

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Casey L Bond Books

I mean, just look at those fucking covers. Gorgeous. The crowned skulls are to die for. & the colors, OMG, be still my frozen heart. & let’s not forget about those taglines. I’m really digging books having taglines & these ones are deadly.

Capture his heart. Steal his crown.

Hunt the shadow. Guard the flame.

I am about a third of the way through Book #1 & I am delighted with what I have read so far.

Casey L Bond Books

Unfortunately, for my Canadian friends, we are limited in our selection of Bond’s books through Chapters & Kobo. I have noticed, however, that Chapters is beginning to pick up more indie authors, which is fantastic. I don’t particularly like giving my money to amazon; to be fair, I’d rather not give it to any major corporation. But when it comes to books, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

Like all Casey L Bond books, House of Eclipses is available on Amazon. & if you have Kindle Unlimited, the duology is “free” to read. You can follow my link here to purchase. I will make a small commission at no cost to you.

Barnes & Noble also carries Bond’s books. You can check out their stock here.

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