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Consort of Darkness ★ Asphodel #1  Molly Tullis

Consort of Darkness A Story of Nyx & Erebus by Molly Tullis

Before the age of gods and men, the most ancient of the immortals, Nyx, pulled herself into creation. Her power encapsulated the night and all its secrets — where nothing goes unseen. Once respected for the balance and duality that she brought to the world, and the haven she created in Tartarus, the rise of the gods has brought the Goddess of Night’s influence into question.

Beside her, Erebus, the God of Darkness, grows restless. The primordial God has spent thousands of years amplifying Nyx and the powers of the night, acting as the final knell to her command. He has watched their children — Thanatos, Hypnos, and Chiron — usher the souls of mankind through life and threatens to blanket the world in darkness when his family’s reputations begin to tarnish.

Power hungry, a young Zeus lurks in the daylight, creating a cult of perception. He hatches a plan to take the throne from his father, Kronos, and bring down anyone who has the strength to defy him… primordials included. As Nyx and Erebus are divided on different sides of the struggle, their relationship is tested as well as the balance of night and day itself.

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Kindle Edition 334 Pages ★ Published March 2022

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A deadly silence settled over the crowd.

One heartbeat.



Nyx smiled.

She vanished.

Erebus laughed.

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Minor Spoilers

Consort of Darkness : A Story of NYX & Erebus by Molly Tullis is a must-read for Scarlett St. Clair’s Hades X Persephone fans. It checks all the boxes and contains all the vibes. Pushing on the boundary between YA/NA & Adult Romance. Tullis’ story follows the Goddess Nyx and her lover Erebus. Primordial beings older than the Gods & Goddesses, older than the Titans.

Nyx is the strongest and oldest primordial force in existence.

Like most mythological retellings, I had to leave behind my view of Nyx, so I could fully grasp the Nyx in Tullis’ story. It was hard to think of Nyx, the only being Zeus himself fears, as submissive. Although not how I picture it, her relationship with Erebus in Tullis’s tale required Nyx’s submissiveness. Nevertheless, it was well-written and believable, making it easy for me to abandon my view of Nyx to accept Tullis.

The Goddess Nyx was portrayed beautifully.

Despite the submissiveness, she was powerful, wise and vicious.

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Tullis‘ story seemingly flows through the present, sneaking in bits of the past through precious memories. Giving the readers a good feel for what is going on with our dear Nyx. She’s been forgotten. The new gods have forsaken the old, destroying their temples and murdering their acolytes. Although Nyx should be the one on the warpath, Erebus can not accept the humans forgetting his beautiful wife.

You can not have a tale about The Gods without The Gods.

Hectate. Poseidon. Hermes. Hades. The Fates. The deplorable and petulant Zeus. Seriously Zeus is the worst, and I loved that Tullis portrayed him as such. Even Thanatos and Hypnos, All the players are alive and well in Consort of Darkness. Particularly our Underworld friends, as this is where Nyx resides. In the present, Zeus wishes to destroy his father, Kronos, demanding the allegiance of Nyx and Erebus.

It was lovely to see Poseidon in Consort of Darkness; he always seems overlooked. I love me some Hades, but it was terrific to see Poseidon shine.

& I liked how Tullis portrayed him.

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There is a lot to love about Consort of Darkness despite the heartbreak contained within its pages. Fantastic action scenes between Titans and Gods topside. Beautiful, emotional, compelling passages from the depths of The Underworld. With a stunning ending, wrapped in the vast glory of the cosmos.

A beautiful love story.

& cautionary tale about what happens when you break the heart of the primordial night.

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Nyx’s power started leaking from her body, waves of black sparks rolling over her pale skin.

The mortal world ricocheted between night and day, being plunged into chaos. The tides changed erratically. and strange winds whipped over the land…

It was like he was the finishing notes; he turned her raw, primordial night into a song.

The gods screamed as the hall was plunged into blackness, flames being swallowed up by the shadows.

Thunder and lightning rolled around in Elysium as crests of nightfall crashed against waves of darkness.

Nyx blinked constellations from her eyelashes, her diamond tears turning into the greatest of stars in their universe.

It’s the way of strong women to be prepared for the day that a man can’t accept their strength anymore.

Zeus could only watch in horror and pull his hands away as the shadows gripped his fingers, extinguishing the lightning like candles.

A melancholy had taken up presence in her heart that she had never experienced before.

Nyx’s thoughts turned wicked and vile, thoughts of an eternal night and a blackness that could end worlds consumed her.

Dark tendrils, like tar, shot out from the ends of her fingers and pierced through the clouds until they disappeared.

Thoughts, emotions, feelings. All these things have a life cycle all their own and sometimes, they, too, must die.

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