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House of Wolves ★ House of Eclipses #2 Casey L Bond

House of Wolves - House of Eclipses Book 2 Casey L Bond

Hunt the shadow. Guard the flame.

Noor is the new Aten of Helios, having wrenched the kingdom of the sun from her treacherous father’s hands. Citali stood with her sister against him, and rejoiced when he died at Noor’s hand… But he did not go quietly.

He poisoned the thoughts of their older sister, Zarina, who believes that Noor is not who she claims and was never supposed to be Aten. As Zarina flees the temple to determine her next step, she encounters, then attacks, Citali.

Beaten and left for dead, Citali’s cries are heard by the Wolven of Lumina. In a flurry of fur and fang, Beron rushes to her aid yet fears he arrived too late. With what would have been her dying breath, Citali whispers a secret that changes everything.

Pleading to Lumos – the god of the moon – for a way to save her, Beron is provided an answer that comes at a steep price. Citali will become Wolven. The two bonded together for a lifetime. Despite their tumultuous past, Beron helps hone her new strength and senses, a primal passion now surging through her veins. But can the two stop fighting one another and work together to hunt and destroy the darkness spreading over the sands like a plague of locusts? Or will the sands of time run out for them both?

Kindle Edition 433 Pages ★ Published November 2021

House Wolves Casey Bond


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After reading House of Eclipses, I immediately picked up House of Wolves, the finale of Casey L Bond’s House of Eclipses duology. House of Wolves picks up in the moments after Noor has rid the world of her father. However, unlike in House of Eclipses, when we followed Noor’s perspective, this time around, we are following her older sister Citali.

I’ll admit that although the sisters are very different, I had difficulty separating the two of them with House of Eclipses so fresh in my mind. However, I genuinely do not think this would have been an issue if I had taken more than a few moments before starting House of Wolves.

We met Citali in House of Eclipses, the middle daughter of The Aten. Like Noor, their father had commanded her to get her hands on Caelum’s crown. Citali’s father had also ordered her to kill Noor while they were in Lumina. She failed. Noor rose as the new Aten & Caelum still possessed his crown. In the last moments of House of Eclipses, Citali stood with her sister Noor as she defeated their father before running off to the House of Sun.

House of Eclipses Duology

Citali is a bitch, but that’s just a matter of perspective.

Despite the difficulty I had separating the two sisters, I loved that Bond switched perspectives for House of Wolves. We see Citali’s actions and words she used against Noor, not what drives them in House of Eclipses. We have seen how ruthless Citali can be, but not why. That was Noor’s story, and this is Citali’s. With the switch of perspectives, we see why Citali is who she is. A woman who has been pushed to the edge, desperate to keep what she loves most protected at all costs, her son.

House of Wolves has even more heart-wrenching scenes than House of Eclipses.

Bond has created stunningly beautiful relationships. They oozed from the pages like Citali’s shadows.

It warmed my heart to read as Caelum and Noor grew closer together. I love Caelum; he is a kind soul who loves deeply and cares immensely about his family & his people. We learn more about his brother, The Wolven, Beron in House of Wolves. I wasn’t a fan of Beron in House of Eclipses; I preferred Caelum. However, as he and Citali grew closer, I fell in love with him. There are too many beautiful moments to count.

Mythology retelling book

The Dark One. The God of The Dead.

Before Noor took back the House of Sun, her father had summoned The God of The Dead. His eldest daughter, Zarina, become his vessel on earth. The God of the Dead seeks Citali, whom he believes was made for him by The Sculptor—claiming to have been woken at her birth and waiting nineteen years to be released by her father.

“This is the history of Anubis, spirit eater, god of the dead, sower of darkness and discord. His name is ruin. He is the creator of lies and the spinner of illusion. He is the master of mirages. “

In a magnificent twist, Bond brings everything full circle by introducing the rejected God of the Dead. I almost felt bad for him in the end.

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house wolves casey bond


He tried to skitter down the steps like a beetle in hot sunlight chased the comfort of a sliver of shadow, and found gnashing teeth set in a powerful jaw, ready to devour him.

Not even when I block the breath from his lungs and toss him into the sand does his vile nature wither away.

I’m wary of promises and vows, Lumin. People often break them and when they do, it’s irreparable.

His voice was like the gravel under my sole. Rough. Sharp in places. Smooth in others.

It felt like Lumos was gripping my heart and dragging me toward him with it.

This dreadful wave was no symptom of becoming a wolf. This was dark and dire. Vicious and vital. It felt familure and foreign all at once.

My heart cried for her. As teardrops fell, sun diamonds plinked against the bloodied stone.

I know the heart that lives behind the shield you’ve forged to protect it.

He threw up a wall, stone by stone to keep me away from his heart.

Ethereal darkness studded with flecks of silver brilliance.

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