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March 2021

About Gravebriar Casey L Bond

★ Synopsis ★

Sometimes witches hunt their own…

Someone knows my secret and they’re wielding it as the weapon of my execution. I stand accused of poisoning my Gravebriar coven mate. To my fatal regret, I can’t prove my innocence without revealing the truth I’ve long kept hidden: while every other Gravebriar witch are green witches and healers, my magic lies in poisons.

There is one witch who believes me – the same boy who was sent to kill me with instructions to pluck the briars that sprouted from my grave – the only cure for a Gravebriar witch. Forge Silverthorn will be my undoing… or my salvation.

He claims there is a malicious plot vining through the witch town of Cauldron that threatens to tighten around my throat in a deadly noose. Promising I can escape by seeking the help of a banished witch who hides our kind in plain sight, he leads me to a dark circus full of witches.

The ringmaster will only help us if we agree to join his circus of uncanny tricks and diabolical feats for two nights only, using our magic to thrill his patrons. In exchange for our participation under the big top, he’ll divulge the information I need to save my coven mate and clear my name.

But when dark secrets emerge from the shadows of this promised sanctuary, I’m forced to decide if I can truly trust anyone, especially Forge… my would-be executioner, my coven’s sworn enemy, and my could-be love. 

Gravebriar Review Casey L Bond


Sometimes Witches Hunt Their Own

Author, Casey L. Bond had me at the tagline for Gravebriar. Bond is a seasoned writer, with fifty-three distinct works listed on GoodReads. Gravebriar is the first book I have read, but I know damn well I’ll be looking into more of Bond’s books. I thoroughly enjoyed the story & the characters in Gravebriar.

Bond’s tale is related to us through the perspective of Castor Gravebriar, a young & potent witch. Castor belongs to one of nine witch covens living in Cauldron. Our young Castor isn’t like the other witches, and her coven is required to go to great lengths to protect her secret.

Castor isn’t the only one living within Cauldron keeping secrets, but on the evening our story starts, hers are blown wide open for all of Cauldron to see. Unlike the rest of the green witches in her coven, Castor is poison. So when someone close to Castor is poisoned, she is the first and only suspect.

& so, Castor sets out on a mission to clear her name, to save her friend & coven mate from death.

Praise for Gravebriar Casey Bond

I liked Castor. She is a well-written character, wanting nothing more than to see her coven and home flourishing. Tired of lying about her powers, she wanted to tell the truth to the rest of the covens. Despite what her parents, the leaders of her coven, wanted her to do. They spent her whole life trying to keep her secret from those who would harm her. Finally, after the poisoning of her coven mate, they all had no choice but to tell the truth.

review gravebriar casey bond

Who do you trust when everyone is a liar? Can you even trust yourself?

The Powers of Cauldron task Castor with finding briars, the only cure for their coven mate. The Powers send Castor off with another witch, Forge, to bring back the briars needed. Forge was told to kill Castor if she could not find briars, as they grow after a witch has died. But, lucky for Castor, Forge has other plans up his sleeve.

Everyone has been keeping secrets in Cauldron.

Forge and Castor learn to trust each other on their journey, and of course, fall in love. But, there are deadly secrets outside of Cauldron as well; another coven. As the story progresses, we learn just how far Castor’s parents went to keep her safe. I honestly wish there were going to be more books in this series. Gravebriar is a one-and-done book, but there were so many exciting things about the world that I wanted to know more.

If you are looking for a book with lots of action or character development, this probably isn’t the book for you. If you are looking for a fun read that isn’t too heavy or draining on the soul, check it out. It’s a well-thought-out story with some lovely characters & because it is a stand-alone, there are no commitments.

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